October Advanced Manufacturing Update

October Advanced Manufacturing Update



Georgia Association of Manufacturers Sets Its Sites on the Next Generation of Manufacturers

From flooring to steelmaking, major companies have been laying down production roots in Georgia for decades.

The Georgia Association of Manufacturers (GAM) has been actively advocating for the state’s manufacturers for more than a century – 116 years to be precise. When public policy items are on the table that could affect the industry, be it a legislative, environmental, energy, tax, labor workers’ compensation or an unemployment insurance issue, the Association makes it a priority. Among its many accomplishments at the state level, GAM is credited for spearheading the movement to repeal state and local taxes on energy consumed in manufacturing.

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Georgia Companies Adopt Competitive “Smart Manufacturing” Techniques
Georgia’s manufacturing sector remains a vibrant and profitable part of the state’s economy, with more companies incorporating strategies such as smart manufacturing to remain competitive.

But as the industry is integrating more innovative practices, it is not as focused on cybersecurity vulnerabilities and faces an additional challenge of finding enough skilled workers for its emerging needs, according to the findings of the 2016 Georgia Manufacturing Survey.

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What Rights Do Employees Have to Talk About Politics at Work?

This year’s presidential election has produced one of the most colorful and contentious political seasons in recent memory. It’s not surprising that employees want to talk about the candidates and the issues. For this reason, it’s important to know what everyone’s rights are – both those of employees who want to express their opinions, and those of employers who want to minimize disruptions and avoid having their staff members offend co-workers or customers.

While many people talk about “free speech,” it’s important to know that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution doesn’t protect every type of speech. All it really says is that the government can’t punish you for your speech. It doesn’t say that a private employer can’t punish people for their political opinions.

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