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From our headquarters in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Spectrum Staffing is one of the leading technical-manufacturing focused staffing firms in Georgia. We were founded in 1999 by an energetic staffing veteran whose time at one of the largest and most diverse staffing firms in the U.S. led her to realize that a targeted approach is more value-added and appreciated than a generalist offering.
Fast forward 15 years, and the Spectrum team has maintained the values that quality matters more than quantity and that a little extra effort on the front-end, saves a lot of time on the back-end. Our company, beliefs, and goals can be defined as follows:
What we do: We staff technicians, engineers, and skilled industrial personnel at Georgia based manufacturers, suppliers, and assemblers of technically advanced products.
Who we serve: In short, we exist to serve two groups:

  • Individuals who are dedicated to their craft, take pride in their work, and are seeking career advancement
  • Production and HR Managers who recognize that their greatest asset is people. People who have the talent and desire to continue bettering the company

Why we are better: Our decades long history of sourcing skilled manufacturing professionals has created the knowledge and ability to staff top talent for advanced manufacturers, distributors, and producers faster and more effectively than other staffing firms
What makes us different: We like people. At its core, staffing is a people business and Spectrum is better at learning, listening, and understanding the needs, desires, and opportunities of our candidates, employees, and clients
Spectrum’s philosophy: Businesses and individuals alike are striving for growth and advancement. Spectrum’s mission is to serve our stakeholders with dedication and passion. Every person is working toward better. We want to be the company that provides it for our employees and our clients.


What industries does Spectrum primarily target?

We cater to manufacturers, producers, and warehousing companies. Specific industries served include: Aerospace, Automotive, Wire / Cable Manufacturing, and Electronics Manufacturing

What skills do Spectrum employees posses?

First, our team members must have the knowledge and skills required for the respective position. Second, they must be friendly, conversational, dedicated, and eager. We guarantee both of these are met by interviewing all prospective employees.


How do I apply for a position that I like?

All of our open positions are posted online (ww.teamspectrum.com). To apply for an open position, please answer all the questions and upload a resume (preferably in Microsoft Word format). This is a one-time process as you will create an account that stores your information.

What is the process to become a Spectrum team member?

We review every application and if your skills match the position, our recruiting team will reach out directly. We will then bring you into our office for an in-person meeting. Once this has been completed, we will begin forwarding your resume to our clients. We take pride in finding not only “paper” candidates, but those with good interpersonal skills as well.

What benefits can I expect once I become a team member?

We offer both holiday and vacation pay to employees who gain eligibility by working 1,800 regular hours in a consecutive 12-month timeframe

How long do team members stay on assignment?

We primarily staff for contract / project-based and temporary-to-hire positions. Length of assignment and full time hires are wholly determined by the client. Once you become part of the Spectrum team, we do our best to find you a new assignment before other candidates are considered.

What day and how frequently does Spectrum pay its employees?

Our team members are paid once per week, every Friday by direct deposit only

How do I view and collect my paystub?

Each employee has access to online paystubs, W-2, and time input by logging into Spectrum’s online portal. The login can be found here: (www.teamspectrum.com)



1755 North Brown Road

Suite 200

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Headed North on I-85:

  • Take the Sugarloaf exit (exit #108)
  • Turn Left at the light off the exit ramp
  • Turn left onto North Brown Road (first light)
  • Turn left into the 1755 office complex (second left)

Headed South on I-85:

  • Take the Sugarloaf exit (exit #108)
  • Turn Left at the light off the exit ramp
  • Turn left onto North Brown Road (second light)
  • Turn left into the 1755 office complex (second left)

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